Parler Launches The DeepRedSky NFT Marketplace With Trump NFTs

Parler Launches The DeepRedSky NFT Marketplace With Trump NFTs

In conjunction with the introduction of DeepRedSky, Parler's new premium NFT marketplace, former U.S. President Donald Trump makes his first foray into the NFT sector.

DeepRedSky, according to Parler, is a game-changing NFT marketplace that will change the NFT experience for collectors and creators alike. According to Parler, fans and collectors will be able to make seamless relationships with artists and brands in the marketplace. NFTs based on Solana (SOL) will be available for purchase on the marketplace.

Parler, which is closely associated with conservatives and fans of Donald Trump, prides itself on being the world's leading global free speech platform. At this time, users of the social media app number more than 20 million, but the platform has now been banned by Apple, Google, and Amazon for extremist and misinformation posts on the platform.

CEO George Farmer believes that the introduction and development of an NFT marketplace are essential steps in helping Parler achieve its goal of being a leader in Web 3.0 technology. To assist customers interested in selling NFTs, DeepRedSky plans to provide consultancy services, leading those customers through the process of creating, marketing, and distributing the NFTs.

CryptoTRUMP Club

The CryptoTRUMP Club will be a collection of Trump NFTs available on the NFT marketplace. The CryptoTRUMP Club is expected to have 10,000 NFT items when it launches, albeit only 250 have been made available so far with the introduction of DeepRedSky. The price of the very rare 250 NFTs starts at $500, with some going as high as $2,750. The whole collection is scheduled to be released by the platform at a later date.

Collectors will be able to buy these NFTs with a credit card and get them using any cryptocurrency wallet that is compatible with the Solana platform. Interested persons may also purchase them using U.S. dollars or the cryptocurrency Ethereum.

Following in the footsteps of his wife

It is clear that the adoption of blockchain technology and NFTs is gaining momentum, with many well-known people and celebrities delving into the field, either to interact with followers or to purchase and sell NFTs.

It seems former U.S. President Donald Trump is following in the footsteps of his wife, former first lady Melania Trump, who is already involved in the NFT sector.

Earlier, Melania Trump introduced her newest set of NFTs, which consists of 10,000 NFT items depicting important moments from her husband's administration and her tenure as the first lady. Each of the NFTs is available for purchase for $50.

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