Kayode Adeoti

Finance Writer

Kayode Adeoti

Kay Adeoti is a writer at Wealthier Today. He has a strong interest in the finance sector and provides readers with informative and educative articles on the space.

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Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are computer programs that run on a blockchain network in a trustless way without the need for an intermediary or third party.

Leading DeFi Platforms and Projects

The total value of assets in DeFi platforms and projects is now over $100 billion, and that number is only increasing. Here are some of the world's largest decentralized exchange platforms.

Why is DeFi Important?

DeFi removes the need for intermediaries in transactions which makes decentralized financial services more secure and more efficient.

What is DeFi?

Decentralized finance are financial services built on blockchain technology and smart contracts with no middle-men or intermediaries.